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About Liverpool Film Company.

Liverpool Film Company – Creative Wedding Videos

We have been filming wedding videos since 2005. Telling their stories.

We strive to make each and every wedding film, unique to each and every couple.

From our years of experience we have learnt to become as unobtrusive as possible, working in the background capturing the day as it unfolds

Creating Professionally Creative Wedding Films.

About Us.

We have been making wedding videos, wedding films, cinematic wedding films since 2005. It all started through a hobby. It started when I use to film a lot of family holidays and events and edit them using a PC and a software called Pinnacle. Friends and family started to ask me to film their special occasions,  thats where my love of filming weddings started. I started like most videographers filming weddings for free to see if this was something I wanted to do long term and also invest in the equipment, I did, I invested in a camera, a new Mac computer (to which I still use Apple today), a new website and we were away. We haven’t look back since.

We have seen the industry change so much, not just down to the equipment but to what Bride and Grooms are looking for. When I started, a wedding film would last at least 90 minutes, that has changed to no more than 40 minutes max now, if that. Some companies offer 10 – 20 minutes full feature movies, this is great for Bride and Groom’s as their is a going to be a wedding videography company out their, that is going to offer exactly what their looking for.

Different Styles

There are so many different wedding video companies around who offer different styles; point and shoot style, documentary style and cinematic style. We can call them wedding videos or wedding films or cinematic films. They all do the same thing, capture your day and tell a story.It’s great that you have even considered getting a wedding video at all, 90% of couples hire a professional photographer for their ceremony and reception, whilst only 1 in 3 also hire a professional videographer. You have spent at least 2 years planning and saving for your big day, why would you not have it filmed as well?

I hope this has given you a little inside to Us and Liverpool Film Company. We look forward to speaking to you about your fantastic plans for you’re big day.