How much for a Wedding Video!!!!

How much for a wedding video

How Much for a Wedding Video?……

It’s 6 months away from your big day and you and partner have just decided on a professional wedding videographer.

One of the biggest concerns is how much budget you have left? Hiring a professional wedding video company to film your wedding should not be about getting one for a cheap price, it should be about what you want from your own wedding film. 

It’s great that you have even considered getting a wedding video at all, 90% of couples hire a professional photographer for their ceremony and reception, whilst only 1 in 3 also hire a professional videographer. You have spent at least 2 years planning and saving for your big day, why would you not have it filmed as well?

There are so many different wedding video companies around who offer different styles; point and shoot style, documentary style and cinematic style. We can call them wedding videos, wedding films or cinematic films. They all do the same thing, capture your day and tell a story. The best way to get an idea of what wedding film you would like is to look around on the internet at different vendors, watch different wedding films, speak to family members and friends for recommendations. This is how you are going to choose the right wedding videographer for you.

I know many couples who have spent £2000 – £2500 on a wedding photographer. Photographs are incredibly important, they will be admired for years to come. Looking through albums or seeing your favourite image hanging on the wall, they can capture those spontaneous moments throughout the day. A wedding video can let you see and hear the emotion. Being able to watch your first dance, to watch it like everyone else watched, is, well, priceless. Being able to watch family sharing your day, then to share the again day with future generations is something I believe to be one of the greatest things a wedding film can offer.

 30% of a wedding videographers time

…is actually only spent filming the wedding day, the rest is back in the studio creating the ‘story’. From importing the days footage, sorting only the best shots, creatively editing the sequences together, fine tuning the edit, adding audio and sound tracks to make a beautiful story. Creating a film that shows the emotion and joy that you felt on the day

So please don’t be shocked by the prices of videographers today, they put as much work and effort into producing high quality wedding films as much as wedding photographer does creating your photographs and albums. They also have to pay for music licences, public liability, drone licences and investing in top of the range equipment. Just like a photographer. Not to mention the one thing you cannot put a price on, their experience!

Wedding Videos have come a long way since shoulder mounted cameras and big lights. Today’s prices will reflect this. So when you’re looking for a wedding videographer please don’t start with ‘how much?’ in mind, think about what you want your wedding film to be about and what you want it to look like. Then fined the best wedding video company, that is going to make that for you..

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