James & Laura | You Were The One – The Mere Brook House, Wirral

James and Laura had their whole day at The Mere Brook House on The Wirral. All the years we have been filming , we have never been to this little gem of a hotel. The house is situated in its own grounds extending to almost four acres that include a beautiful garden with sunken dell sheltered by mature trees, paddocks and a woodland area beyond that runs down to the Mere Brook. If you get a chance, click the link for more information .

We asked James & Laura to participate in a new style of wedding video we are wanting to do. We asked James and Laura to write letters to each other , to be read out on the morning of their wedding day, to which they both obliged. We get a lot of inspiration form other wedding film makers across the UK and abroad. We noticed that no other wedding company (or one we have found in the UK at least) ask each couple to do this. We think it offers a more personal, touch to their own wedding film.

James and Lauren had no photographer at their wedding, which again was a first for us. We noticed a more relaxed flow to the day,  no hustle and bustle of getting people out doors then back in doors, it was so relaxed. James and Laura did think having a wedding video was still important to have, to capture their memories of the day. I have included the message that Laura sent to me after seeing the film.

Hi Graeme,
We love it! Thank you so much it’s great.
It’s so nice to watch things back as the day goes so fast and there is so much you miss.
Many thanks
Need we say anymore.

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