Some Of Our Wedding Videos

 I’m Having a Photographer, Do I really need a Wedding Video?

I know many couples who have spent £2000 – £2500 on a wedding photographer. Then they ask themselves “Do We Really Need A Wedding Video?” Photographs are incredibly important, they will be admired for years to come. Looking through albums or seeing your favourite image hanging on the wall, they can capture those spontaneous moments throughout the day. Wedding videos can let you see and hear the emotion. Being able to watch your first dance. To watch it like everyone else watched is, well, priceless. Being able to watch a wedding video with family, then to share that day with future generations is something I believe to be one of the greatest things a wedding film can offer.

Wedding Videos have come a long way since shoulder mounted cameras and big lights. Today’s prices will reflect this. So when you’re looking for a wedding videographer, think about what you want your wedding film to be about and what you want it to look like. Then think about who is going to be the best wedding video company, that is going to make that for you.

30% of a wedding videographers time is actually only spent filming the wedding day, the rest is back in the studio creating the ‘story’. From importing the days footage, sorting only the best shots, creatively editing the sequences together, fine tuning the edit, adding audio and sound tracks to make a beautiful story. Creating a film that shows the emotion and joy that you felt on the day